Engine Setup Strategy for Front4

There are many engine choices available in Front4, and you have the flexibility to choose somewhere between low weight (and lower power) or high power (and higher weight). The current 2018 rules establish the following parameters: Engine Output = (Engine_WHP + Engine_TQ) / 2 Engine Output cannot exceed 160 Vehicle Minimum Weight (w/ driver) = Engine Output * 17 Vehicle Minimum Weight must be at least 2200 lbs Based on this, we know that anything…

"Engine Setup Strategy for Front4"

Hastings Lap Record Video

Here’s our new 1:42.921 lap record at Hastings, which also became the new PTD class lap record for NASA Central. There’s definitely some more time left out there, as the alignment was way wrong for these tires, and there are a few places to drive a bit harder or better, but it’s a good start. Such an awesome track for our cars! Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to race there again next year…

"Hastings Lap Record Video"

PPIR Time Attack 1st & 2nd Place Video – 8/5/2018

Video from Weston and Hsun at PPIR Time Attack, August 5, 2018. 1st and 2nd place in FB class, driving Weston’s B20-powered ’95 Integra. Hsun earns himself a nice lead through the offset slalom, followed by Weston going in a bit too hot and blowing the hairpin on the banking. Assuming that the run was toast, Weston tries to use it to see just how fast he can take the final section, fully expecting to…

"PPIR Time Attack 1st & 2nd Place Video – 8/5/2018"

Integra & Honda B-Series Transmission Gearing

Integra LS transmissions are the cheap and plentiful option for Honda B-Series drivetrains. Their long gearing usually means less shifts on the race track, but could we go faster with different gearing? Well, that will depend on the track, and the situations you find yourself in during a race… A Quick Primer Your transmission multiplies engine torque to give you far more torque to turn the wheels. It’s based on your gear ratios: if your…

"Integra & Honda B-Series Transmission Gearing"

LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE

Hey guys! Check out some of our footage from the La Junta Race weekend… This was the last, and by far the best session of the weekend! Chris, Weston, and myself dice it up for the last 5 or so minutes of the session and grab the checkered together! Good thing Chris’s car kept cutting out, otherwise he would have smoked us both… Enjoy!

"LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE"

Honda B20 Engine Info & Tips

Instead of replacing an Integra’s engine with another B18 (1.8L), several of us have opted for a B20 (2.0L) from the first generation Honda CR-V. These engines tend to be easier to find in good condition, are potentially less expensive, and of course they make more power and torque due to being larger displacement. We’ve learned a few things along the way, and hope that this will save you some time and frustration:   Basic…

"Honda B20 Engine Info & Tips"