Hastings Lap Record Video

Here’s our new 1:42.921 lap record at Hastings, which also became the new PTD class lap record for NASA Central. There’s definitely some more time left out there, as the alignment was way wrong for these tires, and there are a few places to drive a bit harder or better, but it’s a good start. Such an awesome track for our cars! Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to race there again next year…

"Hastings Lap Record Video"

Results from HPR (July, 2018)

Just how fast can a Front4 car go at High Plains Raceway? That’s what Dan had asked me prior to this event… I responded with an optimistic guess of 2:10, not knowing if we could really pull that off with our 4 cylinder engines and 100-200 treadwear tires. As it turns out, I didn’t give us enough credit… By the end of the weekend, half of our racers would hit that target, with two of…

"Results from HPR (July, 2018)"

Results from NASA PPIR (June, 2018)

PPIR was a battle of wits, heat, and endurance. We arrived with much more race-ready cars than the rush-jobs we had at La Junta, only to find ourselves fighting a number of different mechanical surprises throughout the weekend, but we stuck it out, worked on cars and beers late into the night, and ended up having some close and hard-fought race battles. It was a fun and very memorable weekend for sure! Saturday looked to…

"Results from NASA PPIR (June, 2018)"

LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE

Hey guys! Check out some of our footage from the La Junta Race weekend… This was the last, and by far the best session of the weekend! Chris, Weston, and myself dice it up for the last 5 or so minutes of the session and grab the checkered together! Good thing Chris’s car kept cutting out, otherwise he would have smoked us both… Enjoy!

"LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE"

Results from La Junta (May, 2018)

We had an awesome weekend at La Junta with NASA Rocky Mountain! After a long stressful week of pulling all-nighters to get our cars ready for wheel-to-wheel racing, some of which ended up being race legal but still not quite finished, we had the first ever Front4 W2W race on Saturday afternoon! It was the first of four races this weekend, so there was plenty of opportunity for rematches once we learned our competitors’ strategies.…

"Results from La Junta (May, 2018)"