Koni Yellow Sport vs Race

Did you know that there are actually two Koni Yellow models? Most Yellows are the 8041 Sport model, but racers often want a shock that can handle even higher spring rates and lower drops, which is where the 8041 Race shock comes in. While the Sports are said to max out around at 400-600 lbs/in spring rates, depending on who you talk to, their Race shocks have the popular SPSS3 valving and can do up…

"Koni Yellow Sport vs Race"

Race Car Video Setup

We all love racing and track day videos, but setting up cameras in our race cars is usually a last-minute rush job… Too many other things to do first! Sometimes we get lucky and happen to choose a good camera angle and settings, but more often we end up not seeing all of the action because our camera setup wasn’t optimal. So, after years of many of us learning the hard way and missing out…

"Race Car Video Setup"

Track Day Prep Tips

A few tips for heading out to a road course track day…   Prepare Yourself: Have the right info. Different organizations run track events differently, so make sure you’re aware of their rules, drivers meeting time / location, and other expectations. Seriously, don’t miss the drivers meeting or any required “download” / classroom sessions. Show up early. You don’t want to be “that guy” or miss out on track time. Have a suitable helmet and…

"Track Day Prep Tips"

LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE

Hey guys! Check out some of our footage from the La Junta Race weekend… This was the last, and by far the best session of the weekend! Chris, Weston, and myself dice it up for the last 5 or so minutes of the session and grab the checkered together! Good thing Chris’s car kept cutting out, otherwise he would have smoked us both… Enjoy!

"LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE"

Results from La Junta (May, 2018)

We had an awesome weekend at La Junta with NASA Rocky Mountain! After a long stressful week of pulling all-nighters to get our cars ready for wheel-to-wheel racing, some of which ended up being race legal but still not quite finished, we had the first ever Front4 W2W race on Saturday afternoon! It was the first of four races this weekend, so there was plenty of opportunity for rematches once we learned our competitors’ strategies.…

"Results from La Junta (May, 2018)"

Honda B20 Engine Info & Tips

Instead of replacing an Integra’s engine with another B18 (1.8L), several of us have opted for a B20 (2.0L) from the first generation Honda CR-V. These engines tend to be easier to find in good condition, are potentially less expensive, and of course they make more power and torque due to being larger displacement. We’ve learned a few things along the way, and hope that this will save you some time and frustration:   Basic…

"Honda B20 Engine Info & Tips"