Test your skills and car, not your wallet!

Front4 Club is a group of automotive enthusiasts, dedicated to building and racing similar low-cost race cars together, promoting challenging and rewarding competition. At the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously… We’re all about having fun! After we spend a day kicking ass at the track in our FWD cars, we hang out, drink beer, start bonfires, make our various racing excuses, and tease just about everyone.

We welcome and encourage all new competitors who want to be a part of the fun, while also providing a challenge for experienced drivers. Our members range from rookie autocrossers to instructors and experienced wheel-to-wheel racers. We compete at events hosted by other sanctioning bodies, but this club and its race series is a separate, privately-owned entity with its own points competitions, records, rules, and intellectual property. Our independence gives us the opportunity to support multiple different types of events, and control over our own rules to ensure that this series is a fun and reasonably fair experience for our members.

We have both Time Attack (TA) and Wheel-to-Wheel (W2W) racing competitions. Most everyone can be involved in our Time Attack, with very little car prep or experience required (depending on the event and host sanctioning body). Wheel-to-Wheel racing is much more intense racing for position, but also requires a much higher level of vehicle and driver preparation (you’ll need a NASA racing license, full safety gear, etc). Our W2W racers are automatically entered into our TA competition as well, so everyone can still compete with each other.

There’s no pretentiousness or exclusivity here… Come hang out and have fun with us, no matter if you’re a new driver or the next Ricky Bobby.


Front4 Officials / Roles:


John Brandow – Series Director

  • Decider of Important Things, Enforcer of Fun


Andrew DeJesus

  • Media, Stickers, and other Fun Stuff
  • Grill master extraordinaire


Weston Pawlowski – Series Co-Founder

  • Keeper of the Rules, Results, and Technical Stuff


Chris Venturini – Series Co-Founder

  • NASA Liaison, New Member Liaison