Current Build as of May 20, 2019 at 8:02 am

Name: John Brandow
City: Fort Collins, CO
Occupation: Sales

Sponsor(s): Wildwood Guitars.

Interests: NASA Wheel-to-Wheel Racing
Other Experience: 5 years Autocross, The Skip Barber west coast series 2001, 2nd place Street Prepared at Dub Wars 2001. Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow, Thunderhill, Sears point, Phoenix Intl, California Speedway, HPR
Other Track Cars: 1985 VW GTi, 1987 VW Golf, 1996 VW Jetta

Front4 Car: 1998 VW Gti 2-door
NASA #: 84
Minimum Race Weight: 2290 lbs w/ driver

Car Picture

Engine: ABA 2.0 8v
Mods: Intake, Header, exhaust, Comp 3 angle valve grinds, 11/1 compression, 288 cam, MK4 intake manifold.
Dyno: 142 whp / 128 ft-lbs

Transmission: 020 CHE code
Differential: Open (Stock)

Tire Width: 205
Tire Penalty: 0 lbs  (for tires over 205 width)
Tires: Maxxis RC1
Wheels: Konig Hypergram 15x7.5

Suspension: Non adjustable McPherson.

Brakes: Stock with Hawk Blues

Aerodynamics: Stock

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