Current Build as of December 25, 2018 at 5:55 pm

Name: Paul Heffron
City: Castle Rock, Colorado

Sponsor(s): Mofab LLC

Interests: PPIR Time Attack, NASA Time Attack, NASA Wheel-to-Wheel Racing
Other Experience: Karting & Track Days
Other Track Cars: AE86 with a Honda engine

Front4 Car: 2000 Honda Civic HB
NASA #: 89
Minimum Race Weight: 2327 lbs w/ driver

Car Picture

Engine: B16B
Mods: AEM Intake, Tanabe Exhaust
Dyno: 156 whp / 106 ft-lbs
Dyno Plot

Transmission: S4C, 4.4 Final Drive
Differential: Limited Slip - Gear Type (Stock)

Tire Width: 205
Tire Penalty: 0 lbs  (for tires over 205 width)
Tires: Maxxis RC-1
Wheels: Rota Slipstream 15x7

Suspension: Koni/GC, Whiteline rear sway bar, SPC arms, Spoon trailing arm bushings

Brakes: Integra calipers, 11in front rotors, Hawk Pads

Aerodynamics: Spoon Duckbill Spoiler

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