Current Build as of May 15, 2019 at 1:54 pm

Name: Weston Pawlowski
City: Arvada, Colorado
Occupation: Software Engineer

Sponsor(s): Front4 Club / TrackAddict / RaceRender

Interests: PPIR Time Attack, NASA Time Attack, NASA Wheel-to-Wheel Racing
Other Experience: 944-Spec Racing, Optima Ultimate Street Car, PIT Rally Hillclimb, SCCA & NASA Time Trials, SCCA Autocross, NASA Instructor, NASA HPDE 3 Group Leader
Other Track Cars: Current: Porsche 991 GT3, C7 Corvette Z51 S/C | Past: C6 Corvette, 350z, Porsche 944, Integra LS Turbo

Front4 Car: 1995 Acura Integra 2-door
NASA #: 73
PPIR TA #: 73
Minimum Race Weight: 2478 lbs w/ driver

Car Picture

Engine: JDM B20B 9.6:1 2.0L
Mods: Skunk2 intake manifold & 68 mm throttle body, eBay 2.75" cold air intake, DC Sport 4-2-1 header, eBay 2.5" exhaust, ACT 8.8lb flywheel, Moroso baffled oil pan, polyurethane motor mounts
Dyno: 145 whp / 134 ft-lbs
Dyno Plot

Transmission: 3rd gen LS w/ GS-R 5th gear and 4.71 Final Drive
Differential: Limited Slip - Gear Type (Wavetrac)

Tire Width: 225
Tire Penalty: 122 lbs  (for tires over 205 width)
Tires: Maxxis RC-1 / BFGoodrich Rival S 1.5
Wheels: Advanti DST Storm S2 15x8

Suspension: 650F / 900R lbs/in Ground Control coilovers, Koni 8041 Race shocks, 24F / 22R mm Type-R sway bars, polyurethane rear trailing arm and LCA bushings, Hardrace hard rubber bushings for everything else

Brakes: Junkyard 11" F / 10" R big brakes, blank rotors, Hawk Blue front pads, Axxis Ultimate rear pads, Prestone DOT4 fluid, stock rubber lines

Aerodynamics: Type-R replica wing, Type-R replica front lip, homemade drop-vent in hood

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