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2020 Front4 Competition Schedule

Date Event Type
June 27-28 NASA @ High Plains TA + W2W
July 11-12 NASA @ Pueblo TA + W2W
August 15-16 NASA @ High Plains TA + W2W
October 10-11 NASA @ High Plains TA + W2W

TA = Time Attack
W2W = Wheel-to-Wheel Racing

NASA Event Info and Registration: Register and pay at

NASA events are held on road course tracks, and offer HPDE, Time Trials, and Race groups to fit your driver experience level and car prep level. HPDE and Time Trials offer a structured and controlled environment where you can drive the track at speed without the chaos of an open lapping day.

You must register and pay before the event with NASA, and the sooner the better. Signing up early helps them plan, often has a lower cost, and some of their groups have limited capacity, so you might find that it’s full if you wait too long. Be sure to read their rules (the NASA CCR), so that you and your car are ready.

Drivers Without Previous Road Course Experience: Sign up for HPDE 1 and show up with a suitable helmet, a good attitude, and a willingness to learn. NASA will pair you with an instructor at no additional cost, so that you can get comfortable with driving the track and up to speed quickly and relatively safely. Make sure you’re at the HPDE drivers meeting held each morning of the event.

Drivers With Previous Experience, but not with NASA: Please contact NASA Rocky Mountain or Chris Venturini to determine the proper group for you to sign up in.

Lap times may only be available for HPDE 3 / 4, Time Trials, and Race groups. Official Transponder lap times are not provided for HPDE 1 / 2, and lap timers may not be allowed there either.

Wheel-to-Wheel Racing (W2W) occurs only in a NASA race group, and requires a NASA Competition License or Provisional License, a car that has passed NASA race tech, and full safety gear. If you’re interested in competing at this level, post in our Facebook group or talk to one of the W2W racers, and we can help guide you through the process.

NASA Food & Lodging: Most NASA Rocky Mountain events have food concessions open during the day, a fun NASA-provided dinner on Saturday night, and many of our members opt to camp at the track over the weekend (arriving Friday night and departing Sunday evening). Contact NASA-RM for confirmation and details.

PPIR Time Attack Event Info: See info on

PPIR Time Attacks are fast, fun, autocross-like courses that utilize portions of their road course plus several new sections. Drivers of all experience levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

No pre-event registration is needed for the PPIR Time Attacks; just show up at the gate and pay your entry fee there, but make sure you get there before their drivers meeting starts (typically 8:15 am). We recommend being there 20-30 minutes early so that you have time to get through the gate and walk the course. A helmet is required, and rentals may be available from PPIR.

Front4 cars typically run in their FB class, but please check their rules to make sure your car fits that. Cars with 100 TW tires will need to go to GT or XX class. Cars without valid plates & insurance will need to go to XX class.

PPIR TA Food & Lodging: There is typically a food truck open during the events. Most events are one-day, and we arrive early in the morning and leave by the evening. We expect that there will be camping at any scheduled two-day events. Contact PPIR for confirmation and details.