2019 Front4 Rules Announcement

Attn Front4 Drivers:

We’ve recently made some updates to the Front4 rules.

Most of these are simple clarifications of existing rules, as well as proactively addressing future potential problems with certain builds.

None of our existing cars are really affected by these changes, but we made them in an effort to keep our cars more equal and prevent someone from building a setup that has any notable major advantage.

Please go to our Rules page to read them in full, we’ve highlighted the changes in blue. I’ve also posted a brief summary of the changes below. All of the driver profiles on the website have been adjusted already.

HP/TQ Change- This adjustment puts a higher weight on HP, rather than just 50/50 HP/TQ
Engine Output is limited to 160, as calculated by this formula:
Engine Output = (Peak_Horsepower * 0.66) + (Peak_Torque * 0.32)
Horsepower and Torque (ft-lbs) are at-the-wheels, as measured by a DynoJet

Tire Size Penalty- We created a sliding scale for the weight penalty on 225 tires, the lighter the car the greater the penalty, this is to encourage the use of 205’s:

Minimum race weight with driver (in lbs), is calculated as: Engine Output x 17
If this comes out to less than 2200 lbs, then 2200 lbs is used instead.

When using 225 tires, there is an added penalty, reducing based on your Minimum Weight (as calculated above):
2200 lbs = 200 lb penalty for 225
2300 lbs = 150 lb penalty for 225
2400 lbs = 100 lb penalty for 225
2500 lbs = 50 lb penalty for 225
2600+ lbs = No penalty

The 215 penalty is half that of 225; there is no penalty for 205 or lower.
Your Driver Profile / Competitor Registration form will easily calculate your total required weight for you.

We also clarified some of the aero rules, with the biggest change being that we explicitly state that rear diffusers/splitters aren’t allowed.

Click here to view the Rules page


Front4 Co-Director #02 Blue 1992 Acura Integra

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