2020 Weight Calculation Update

Alrighty Then!! The new power to weight calculator is ready to go. I really appreciate everyone helping with Dynos and weight numbers over the past few weeks. All rules will be staying the same with exception of the power to weight regulations. It seems as though we are pushing the limits of the 100TW tires so there is a move to keep the class at the speeds we are at now. Please use this link and shoot me messages here or my cell phone if you have any questions. There are only a few folks who do not have a current dyno. PFI is booked out through August but Bear at Dyno Pro seems to be able to get folks in within just a few days.

Official Front4 Minimum Weight Calculator

At the top of the page you can fill out your info.

The second section is to choose your adjustments and modifiers. Any limited slip “OEM or aftermarket that is clutch, cone, plate, geared etc in your car check the LSD box. Any cars running a double wishbone front suspension will check the suspension box.

We are currently reviewing the 225 vs 205 tire options but as of right now cars over 2500lbs can take the 225 tires without checking the box. If you are under 2500lbs please use the drop down to select your tire width. You will find the tire penalty has been heavily reduced.
Use the exact numbers from your dyno when filling out the dyno data portion and supply your dyno with the form.

The TQ values will automatically generate and are only there to verify dyno accuracy.

Your engine avg output will generate along with your weight calculation at the bottom.

We will be rolling across the scales after qualifying and at random throughout the weekend. If you are underweight for qualifying your time will be removed and you will start from the back. If you are found to be light at the end of a race you will weigh in every race after that for the weekend. If you fail twice in a weekend you will start in front4 but with ST5 class. Your first pass by the flag will not count so in effect your are in traffic and a half a lap down. Don’t do it!!

I am super excited to get rolling with these new rules and look forward to our ensuing battles!