2019 Season Checklist

The 2019 season is about to begin, and there are a few things to cover to make sure everyone is ready…

All Competitors:

  • Make sure you have a current dyno, and enter it on your Competitor Registration form on this website.
  • Weights have been tweaked a little since 2018, so please see your Competitor Registration form or Driver Profile page, which will calculate your required minimum weight for 2019.
  • Please be sure to review the current Front4 Rule Book (the full rule book included at the bottom of the Rules page). Near the end of last year, we had published a few adjustments for this 2019 season. We’re trying to be proactive in keeping this group’s costs low and the competition fun.
  • Give your car a once-over: Make sure bolts are tight, wheel bearings and ball joints don’t have any slop in them, brake pads are good, flush the brake fluid, etc.
  • Please, please, please sign up for the NASA events as early as you can. This really helps them with planning the event and creating the schedule, so that we can all have a smooth running weekend, and sometimes you may also find that the entry price is lower if you sign up early.

Wheel-to-Wheel Racers (W2W):

  • The current plan is for us to sign up together under Super Touring 5 (ST5) this season, and then we’ll run our own Front4 results and season points within that as usual.
  • Read the latest NASA CCR. Please note that they require racers to run video, and the time/date on the file must be set correctly as well. Video can be your best friend if you are involved in an incident, or if it looks like you might have passed under a yellow, so it’s to your benefit to have good video (sometimes even if it was mostly your fault).
  • Check the expiration dates on your belts, seat, helmet, hans, window net, etc. These are only valid for a few years, and it varies depending on the item and if it’s SFI or FIA rated (FIA ratings are generally valid for longer). The NASA CCR provides the specific requirements.
  • Make sure to renew (or obtain) your Competition License. These sometimes take a little while to process, especially if you have a new medical to submit, so be sure to start the process right away. If this is your first time obtaining a comp license, talk to Chuck Taylor to make sure you’re good to go, or to make arrangements to take the Comp School.
  • Get your car’s annual tech done. If you want it done at the track, try to get it done Friday afternoon (assuming NASA Tech is available). Otherwise, plan to have your car at tech first thing Saturday morning, and expect that you might miss practice or qualifying, as there will likely be several cars needing their annuals.
  • Verify that your transponder still works. The rechargeable ones do wear out over time, especially if they haven’t been charged in a while. If it’s no longer holding a charge, don’t throw it away… They don’t make it easy, but there are ways to replace that battery.


Front4 Series Co-Founder #73 White 1995 Acura Integra

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