Hastings Lap Record Video

Here’s our new 1:42.921 lap record at Hastings, which also became the new PTD class lap record for NASA Central. There’s definitely some more time left out there, as the alignment was way wrong for these tires, and there are a few places to drive a bit harder or better, but it’s a good start. Such an awesome track for our cars! Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to race there again next year…

"Hastings Lap Record Video"

PPIR Time Attack 1st & 2nd Place Video – 8/5/2018

Video from Weston and Hsun at PPIR Time Attack, August 5, 2018. 1st and 2nd place in FB class, driving Weston’s B20-powered ’95 Integra. Hsun earns himself a nice lead through the offset slalom, followed by Weston going in a bit too hot and blowing the hairpin on the banking. Assuming that the run was toast, Weston tries to use it to see just how fast he can take the final section, fully expecting to…

"PPIR Time Attack 1st & 2nd Place Video – 8/5/2018"

Race Car Video Setup

We all love racing and track day videos, but setting up cameras in our race cars is usually a last-minute rush job… Too many other things to do first! Sometimes we get lucky and happen to choose a good camera angle and settings, but more often we end up not seeing all of the action because our camera setup wasn’t optimal. So, after years of many of us learning the hard way and missing out…

"Race Car Video Setup"

LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE

Hey guys! Check out some of our footage from the La Junta Race weekend… This was the last, and by far the best session of the weekend! Chris, Weston, and myself dice it up for the last 5 or so minutes of the session and grab the checkered together! Good thing Chris’s car kept cutting out, otherwise he would have smoked us both… Enjoy!

"LaFUNta Final Session BATTLE"